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The journal Acta Universitatis Palackianae Olomucensis, Facultas rerum naturalium, Mathematica, publishes original research papers from mathematical analysis, algebra, geometry and statistics in English.


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References should be listed in the following form:
[1] Cecchi, M., Marini, M., Villari, G.: On the monotonicity property for a certain class of second order differential equations.
J. Differential Equations 82 (1989), 15-27.
[2] Lloyd, N. G.: Degree Theory. Cambridge Univ. Press, Cambridge, 1978.

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Some Contents, Abstracts and Articles

Acta Univ. Palacki. Olomuc., Fac. rer. nat., Mathematica 55, 2 (2016)

  1. K. K. BAISHYA, P. R. CHOWDHURY, J. MIKEŠ, P. PEŠKA: On almost generalized weakly symmetric Kenmotsu manifolds
  2. Igor M. BURLAKOV: Algebraic connections and curvature in fibrations bundles of associative algebras
  3. I. M. BURLAKOV, M. JUKL: Geometry of cyclic and anticylic algebras
  4. K. DE, U. C. DE: Projective curvature tensor in 3-dimensional connected trans-Sasakian manifolds
  5. S. DEY, B. PAL, A. BHATTACHARYYA: Some classes of Lorentzian α-Sasakian manifolds admitting a quarter-symmetric metric connection
  6. T. DUTTA, N. BASU, A. BHATTACHARYYA: Conformal Ricci soliton in Lorentzian α-Sasakian manifolds
  7. L. FATMI, M. REMILI: Stability and boundedness of solutions of some third-order nonlinear vector delay differential equation
  8. G. GHOSH, U. C. DE: On a semi-symmetric metric connection in an almost Kenmotsu manifold with nullity distributions
  9. S. K. HUI, D. CHAKRABORTY: η-Ricci solitons on η-Einstein (LCS)n-manifolds
  10. S. MALLICK, U. C. DE: On a class of generalized quasi-Einstein manifolds with applications to relativity
  11. M. B. MESMOULI, A. ARDJOUNI, A. DJOUDI: Study of stability in nonlinear neutral dif{}ferential equations with variable delay using Krasnoselskii-Burton's fixed point
  12. S. PAHAN, B. PAL, A. BHATTACHARYYA: Characterization on mixed generalized quasi-Einstein manifold
  13. Dana SMETANOVÁ: The regularization of the second order Lagrangians in example


Acta Univ. Palacki. Olomuc., Fac. rer. nat., Mathematica 55, 1 (2016)

  1. K. K. BAISHYA, P. PEŠKA: On the example of almost pseudo-Z-symmetric manifolds
  2. Olga BELOVA: Neifeld's connection induced on the Grassmann manifold
  3. M. BENCHOHRA, S. BOURIAH, J. E. LAZREG, J. J. NIETO: Nonlinear implicit Hadamard's fractional differential equations with delay in Banach space
  4. Igor M. BURLAKOV: Geometric structures in bundles of associative algebras
  5. M. P. BURLAKOV, I. M. BURLAKOV, M. JUKL: Hypercomplex algebras and geometry of spaces with fundamental form of an arbitrary order
  6. Ivan CHAJDA: A note on pseudo-Kleene algebras
  7. M. B. KHRIPUNOVA, S. E. STEPANOV, I. I. TSYGANOK, J. MIKEŠ: On uniqueness theorems for Ricci tensor
  8. I. A. KUZMINA, M. CHODOROVÁ: The group of invertible elements of the algebra of quaternions
  9. Hristo M. MANEV: Almost contact B-metric manifolds as extensions of a 2-dimensional space-form
  10. F. MOLA, J. ANTOCH, L. FRIGAU, C. CONVERSANO: Classification of images background subtraction in image segmentation
  11. V. I. PAN'ZHENSKII, O. P. SURINA: Automorphisms of spacetime manifold with torsion
  12. J. SAVOLAINEN, M. COLLAN, P. LUUKKA: Combining system dynamic modeling and the Datar-Mathews method for analyzing metal mine investments
  13. V. V. SHURYGIN, S. K. ZUBKOVA: Lifts of foliated linear connections to the second order transverse bundles
  14. S. E. STEPANOV, I. I. TSYGANOK, M. B. KHRIPUNOVA: The Killing tensors on an n-dimensional manifold with SL(n,R)-structure
  15. V. SUKAČ, J. TALAŠOVÁ, J. STOKLASA: A linguistic fuzzy approach to the consensus reaching in multiple criteria group decision-making problems
  16. Adgam Ya. SULTANOV: On Weil bundles of the first order
  17. Alena VANŽUROVÁ: On metrizable locally homogeneous connections in dimension two


Acta Univ. Palacki. Olomuc., Fac. rer. nat., Mathematica 54, 2 (2015)

  1. Binayak S. CHOUDHURY, Samir Kumar BHANDARI, Parbati SAHA: Cyclic type fixed point results in 2-Menger spaces
  2. Santu DEY, Arindam BHATTACHARYYA: Some properties of Lorentzian α-Sasakian manifolds with respect to quarter-symmetric metric connection
  3. Zuzana KRIVÁ, Juraj PAPČO, Jakub VANKO: Quad-tree based finite volume method for diffusion equations with application to SAR imaged filtering
  4. Mathew O. OMEIKE: Boundedness of third-order delay differential equations in which h is not necessarily differentiable
  5. Ramesh P. PATHAK, Shiv Kumar SAHOO: Some applications of New modified q-Szász-Mirakyan operators
  6. Jiří RACHŮNEK, Dana ŠALOUNOVÁ: Approximation spaces in non-commutative generalizations of MV-algebras


Acta Univ. Palacki. Olomuc., Fac. rer. nat., Mathematica 54, 1 (2015)

  1. A. T. ADEMOLA, M. O. OGUNDIRAN, P. O. ARAWOMO: Stability, boundedness and existence of periodic solutions to certain third order nonlinear differential equations
  2. Abd El-Mohsen BADAWY: On a construction of modular GMS-algebras
  3. Abhijit BANERJEE, Molla Basir AHAMED: Meromorphic function sharing a small function with its differential polynomial
  4. A. BOUCENNA, T. MOUSSAOUI: Existence results for a fractional boundary value problem via critical point theory
  5. Andrea CAGGEGI: Some additive 2 − (v, 5, λ) designs
  6. Z. LATREUCH, B. BELAÏDI: Some results on the properties of differential polynomials generated by solutions of complex differential equations
  7. M. B. MESMOULI, A. ARDJOUNI, A. DJOUDI: Existence and stability of periodic solutions for nonlinear neutral differential equations with variable delay using fixed point technique
  8. M. O. OMEIKE: Stability and boundedness of solutions of a certain system of third-order nonlinear delay differential equations
  9. Y. S. PAWAR: Reticulation of a 0-distributive lattice
  10. SHASHIREKHA B. RAI, S. PARAMESHWARA BHATTA: Derivations and translations on trellises


Acta Univ. Palacki. Olomuc., Fac. rer. nat., Mathematica 53, 2 (2014)

  1. Jan ANDRES, Martina BENEŠOVÁ, Martina CHVOSTEKOVÁ, Eva FIŠEROVÁ: Optimization of parameters in the Menzerath-Altmann law, II
  2. Ivan CHAJDA, Helmut LÄNGER: Orthomodular posets can be organized as conditionallyresiduated structures
  3. Ivan CHAJDA, Antonio LEDDA, Francesco PAOLI: Compatible idempotent terms in universal algebra
  4. S. O. IMONI, M. N. O. IKHILE: Zero dissipative DIRKN pairs of order 5(4) for solving special second order IVPs
  5. Dana KOTOROVÁ: Comparison of the 3D numerical schemes for solving curvature drivenlevel set equation based on discrete duality finite volumes
  6. Xuezhu LI, Milan MEDVEĎ, Jin Rong WANG: Generalized boundary value problems for nonlinear fractional Langevin equations
  7. Mária MINÁROVÁ: Simulation of indoor humidity
  8. Andrea OSSICINI: An alternative form of the functional equation for Riemann's Zeta function, II
  9. Moussadek REMILI, Lynda Damerdji OUDJEDI: Stability and boundedness of the solutions of non autonomous third order differential equations with delay


Acta Univ. Palacki. Olomuc., Fac. rer. nat., Mathematica 53, 1 (2014)

  1. Saïd ABBAS, Mouffak BENCHOHRA, Juan J. NIETO: Ulam stabilities for partial impulsive fractional differential equations
  2. Ivan CHAJDA: The role of Halaš Identity in orthomodular lattices
  3. Uday Chand DE, Prajjwal PAL: On almost pseudo-Z-symmetric manifolds
  4. Silvestru S. DRAGOMIR: Inequalities for the Riemann-Stieltjes integral of under the chord functions with applications
  5. Aldo V. FIGALLO, Nora OLIVA, Alicia ZILIANI: Modal pseudocomplemented De Morgan algebras
  6. Cristian IDA: Stability of tangential locally conformal symplectic forms
  7. Ivana KUČEROVÁ: Decaying regularly varying solutions of third-order differential equations with a singular nonlinearity
  8. M. O. OMEIKE, O. O. OYETUNDE, A. L. OLUTIMO: Boundedness of solutions of certain system of second-order ordinary differential equations
  9. Sunil K. SHARMA, Ayhan ESI: Double sequence spaces defined by a sequence of modulus functions over n-normed spaces


Acta Univ. Palacki. Olomuc., Fac. rer. nat., Mathematica 52, 2 (2013)

  1. Richard ANDRÁŠIK: Nonlinear rescaling method and self-concordant functions
  2. Silvie BĚLAŠKOVÁ, Eva FIŠEROVÁ, Sylvia KRUPIČKOVÁ: Study of bootstrap estimates in Cox regression model with delayed entry
  3. Martina CHVOSTEKOVÁ: Two-sided tolerance intervals in a simple linear regression
  4. Marie DVORSKÁ: Vector optimization results for ℓ-stable data
  5. Petr FIALA: A hybrid procedure for network multi-criteria systems
  6. Klára HRŮZOVÁ, Karel HRON, Miroslav RYPKA, Eva FIŠEROVÁ: Covariance structure of principal components for three-part compositional data
  7. Věra JANDOVÁ, Jana TALAŠOVÁ: Weak consistency - A new approach to consistency in the Saaty's analytic hierarchy process
  8. Lubomír KUBÁČEK, Jana VRBKOVÁ: Variance of plug-in estimators in multivariate regression models
  9. Beloslav RIEČAN: On the Kluvánek construction of the Lebesgue integral
  10. David STIBŮREK: Statistical inference about the drift parameter in stochastic processes
  11. Ondřej VENCÁLEK: k-depth-nearest neighbour method and its performance on skewed-normal distributons
  12. Viktor WITKOVSKÝ: A note on computing extreme tail probabilities of the noncentral t-distribution with large noncentrality parameter


Acta Univ. Palacki. Olomuc., Fac. rer. nat., Mathematica 52, 1 (2013)

  1. Abdelouaheb ARDJOUNI, Ahcène DJOUDI: Existence of periodic solutions for nonlinear neutral dynamic equations with functional delay on a time scale
  2. M. K. AOUF, R. M. EL-ASHWAH, A. A. M. HASSAN, A. H. HASSAN: Fekete-Szegö problem for a new class of analytic functions defined by using a generalized differential operator
  3. Benjamin CAHEN: Global parametrization of scalar holomorphic coadjoint orbits of a quasi-Hermitian Lie group
  4. Ivan CHAJDA, Filip ŠVRČEK: The rings which can be recovered by means of the difference
  5. Sunny CHAUHAN, B. D. PANT: Some common fixed point theorems in Menger spaces
  6. Gábor CZÉDLI, Ildikó V. NAGY: Varieties of distributive rotational lattices
  7. Debashis DEY, Mantu SAHA: Common fixed point theorems in a complete 2-metric space
  8. Aghavard Kh. KHACHATRYAN, Khachatur A. KHACHATRYAN: Hammerstein-Nemytskii type nonlinear integral equations on half-line in space L1(0,+∞)∩L(0,+∞)
  9. Antonio LEDDA, Francesco PAOLI, Antonino SALIBRA: On semi-Boolean-like algebras
  10. Jiří RACHŮNEK, Zdeněk SVOBODA: Interior and closure operators on commutative bounded residuated lattices
  11. Jana VAMPOLOVÁ: On existence and asymptotic properties of Kneser solutions to singular second order ODE


Acta Univ. Palacki. Olomuc., Fac. rer. nat., Mathematica 51, 2 (2012)

  1. Saïd ABBAS, Mouffak BENCHOHRA: Upper and lower solutions method for Darboux problem for fractional order implicit impulsive partial hyperbolic differential equations
  2. Alfred Olufemi BOSEDE: Stability of Noor iteration for a general class of functions in Banach spaces
  3. Eva BRESTOVANSKÁ, Milan MEDVEĎ: Fixed point theorems of the Banach and Krasnosel'skii type for mappings on m-tuple Cartesian product of Banach algebras and systems of generalized Gripenberg's equations
  4. Janīs CĪRULIS: Adjoint semilattice and minimal Brouwerian extensions of a Hilbert algebra
  5. Abd El-Mohsen BADAWY, Daniela GUFFOVÁ, Miroslav HAVIAR: Triple constructions of decomposable MS-algebras
  6. Přemysl JEDLIČKA: On equational theory of left divisible left distributive groupoids
  7. Lubomír KUBÁČEK: Ridge estimator revisited
  8. Lubomír KUBÁČEK: Additional experiment and linear statistical models
  9. Martin ROHLEDER: On the existence of oscillatory solutions of the second order nonlinear ODE
  10. Awar Simon UKPERA, Olufemi Adeyinka ADESINA: Results on non-resonant oscillations for some nonlinear vector fourth order differential systems


Acta Univ. Palacki. Olomuc., Fac. rer. nat., Mathematica 51, 1 (2012)

  1. Jan ANDRES, Lubomír KUBÁČEK, Jitka MACHALOVÁ, Michaela TUČKOVÁ: Optimization of parameters in the Menzerath-Altmann law
  2. Ivan CHAJDA: Pseudocomplemented and Stone posets
  3. Maslina DARUS, Imran FAISAL: Problems concerning subclasses of analytic functions
  4. Shyamal Kumar HUI: On weakly ϕ-symmetric Kenmotsu manifolds
  5. R. I. OKUONGHAE, M. N. O. IKHILE: The numerical solution of stiff IVPs in ODEs using modified second derivative BDF
  6. Memudu Olaposi OLATINWO: Convergence results for Jungck-type iterative processes in convex metric spaces
  7. Kuldip RAJ, Sunil K. SHARMA: A new sequence space defined by a sequence of Orlicz functions over n-normed spaces
  8. László VERHÓCZKI: Harmonic and minimal unit vector fields on the symmetric spaces G2 and G2/SO(4)
  9. Hülya Bağdatlı YILMAZ: On decomposable almost pseudo conharmonically symmetric manifolds


Acta Univ. Palacki. Olomuc., Fac. rer. nat., Mathematica 50, 2 (2011)

  1. Mikael COLLAN: Thoughts about selected models for the valuation of real options
  2. Josef DALÍK, Oto PŘIBYL: Optimal convective heat-transport
  3. Sandra DONEVSKA, Eva FIŠEROVÁ, Karel HRON: On the equivalence between orthogonal regression and linear model with type-II constraints
  4. Petr FIALA: Multiobjective De Novo linear programming
  5. Ján HEFTY, Ąubomíra GERHÁTOVÁ: Combination of 3D epoch-wise and permanent geodetic networks observed by GNSS
  6. Tomáš JURCZYK: Trimmed estimators in regression framework
  7. Jan KALINA: Some diagnostic tools in robust econometrics
  8. Lubomír KUBÁČEK, Eva TESAŘÍKOVÁ: The type A uncertainty
  9. Milan MAREŠ: Information measure for vague symbols
  10. Radim NAVRÁTIL: Rank tests of symmetry and R-estimation of location parameter under measurement errors
  11. Andrej PÁZMAN: Strange design points in linear regression
  12. Ondřej VENCÁLEK: Concept of data depth and its applications
  13. Gejza WIMMER, Viktor WITKOVSKÝ: Note on a calibration problem: Selected results and extensions of professor Kubáček's research
  14. Karel ZIMMERMANN: A note on application of two-sided systems of (max, min)-linear equations and inequalities to some fuzzy set problems
  15. Ivan ŽEŽULA, Daniel KLEIN: Overview of recent results in growth-curve-type multivariate linear models


Acta Univ. Palacki. Olomuc., Fac. rer. nat., Mathematica 50, 1 (2011)

  1. Mohamed AKKOUCHI: A common fixed point theorem for expansive mappings under strict implicit conditions on b-metric spaces
  2. Alfred Olufemi BOSEDE: On the stability of Jungck-Mann, Jungck-Krasnoselskij and Jungck iteration processes in arbitrary Banach spaces
  3. Marilyn BREEN: Sets expressible as unions of staircase n-convex polygons
  4. Zdeněk DUŠEK, Oldřich KOWALSKI, Zdeněk VLÁŠEK: Homogeneous geodesics in 3-dimensional homogeneous affine manifolds
  5. Abdallah EL FARISSI, Benharrat BELAÏDI: Complex oscillation theory of differential polynomials
  6. Shyamal Kumar HUI: On weakly W-symmetric manifolds
  7. R. I. OKUONGHAE, M. N. O. IKHILE: A(α)-stable linear multistep methods for stiff IVPs in ODEs
  8. Irina A. KUZMINA, Josef MIKEŠ, Alena VANŽUROVÁ: The projectivization of conformal models of fibrations determined by the algebra of quaternions
  9. Svatoslav STANĚK: Existence principles for singular vector nonlocal boundary value problems with φ-Laplacian and their applications


Acta Univ. Palacki. Olomuc., Fac. rer. nat., Mathematica 49, 2 (2010)

  1. Mouffak BENCHOHRA, Benaouda HEDIA: Existence results for first order impulsive functional differential equations with state-dependent delay
  2. Ivan CHAJDA, Miroslav KOLAŘÍK, Filip ŠVRČEK: Implication and equivalential reducts of basic algebras
  3. Ivan CHAJDA, Helmut LÄNGER: Quotients and homomorphisms of relational systems
  4. Olena E. CHEPURNA, Volodymyr A. KIOSAK Josef MIKEŠ: On geodesic mappings preserving the Einstein tensor
  5. Lubomír KUBÁČEK: Multivariate statistical models; solvability of basic problems
  6. Lubomír KUBÁČEK, Eva TESAŘÍKOVÁ: Linear error propagation law and nonlinear functions
  7. Lubomír KUBÁČEK, Eva TESAŘÍKOVÁ: Underparametrization of weakly nonlinear regression models
  8. Martina PAVLAČKOVÁ: A bound sets technique for Dirichlet problem with an upper-Carathéodory right-hand side
  9. Alena VANŽUROVÁ: Medial quasigroups of type (n,k)


Acta Univ. Palacki. Olomuc., Fac. rer. nat., Mathematica 49, 1 (2010)

  1. Myelkebir AITALIOUBRAHIM: On fourth-order boundary-value problems
  2. Alfred Olufemi BOSEDE: Some common fixed point theorems in normed linear spaces
  3. Hakima BOUHADJERA: On common fixed point theorems for three and four self mappings satisfying contractive conditions
  4. Zdzisław DZEDZEJ: Conley type index and Hamiltonian inclusions
  5. Raad J. K. Al LAMY: Holomorphically projective mappings of compact semisymmetric manifolds
  6. M. O. OMEIKE, A. U. AFUWAPE: New result on the ultimate boundedness of solutions of certain third-order vector differential equations
  7. Y. S. PAWAR, S. S. KHOPADE: α-ideals and annihilator ideals in 0-distributive lattices
  8. Mirosław ŚLOSARSKI: The multicores in metric spaces and their application in fixed point theory


Acta Univ. Palacki. Olomuc., Fac. rer. nat., Mathematica 48 (2009)

  1. Adrijan Varbanov BORISOV, Margarita Georgieva SPIROVA: On the measurability of sets of pairs of intersecting nonisotropic straight lines of type beta in the simply isotropic space
  2. Ivan CHAJDA: Conjugated algebras
  3. Ivan CHAJDA, Miroslav KOLAŘÍK: Basic pseudorings
  4. Gábor CZÉDLI: A visual approach to test lattices
  5. Karel HRON: Analytical representation of ellipses in the Aitchison geometry and its application
  6. Lubomír KUBÁČEK, Jaroslav MAREK: Uncertainty of the design and covariance matrices in linear statistical model
  7. Lubomír KUBÁČEK, Eva TESAŘÍKOVÁ: Linearization regions for a confidence ellipsoid in singular nonlinear regression models
  8. Memudu Olaposi OLATINWO: Some stability results in complete metric space
  9. Jiří RACHŮNEK, Dana ŠALOUNOVÁ: Classes of filters in generalizations of commutative fuzzy structures
  10. Irena RACHŮNKOVÁ, Jan TOMEČEK: Singular problems on the half-line
  11. Vladimir I. RUKASOV, Olga G. ROVENSKA: Integral presentations of deviations of de la Vallee Poussin right-angled sums
  12. Kittipong SITTHIKUL, Satit SAEJUNG: Convergence theorems for a finite family of nonexpansive and asymptotically nonexpansive mappings
  13. Václav SNÁŠEL, Marek JUKL: Congruences in ordered sets and LU compatible equivalences
  14. Alena VANŽUROVÁ, Petra ŽÁČKOVÁ: Metrizability of connections on two-manifolds
  15. Jana VRBKOVÁ: Suitability of linearization of nonlinear problems not only in biology and medicine


Acta Univ. Palacki. Olomuc., Fac. rer. nat., Mathematica 47 (2008)

  1. Hana BOHÁČOVÁ: Insensitivity region for variance components in general linear model
  2. Ivan CHAJDA: Discriminator order algebras
  3. Ivan CHAJDA, Miroslav KOLAŘÍK: Monadic basic algebra
  4. S. CHATTOPADHYAY, S. KAR: On structure space of Γ-semigroups
  5. Gábor CZÉDLI, E. Tamás SCHMIDT: Frankl's conjecture for large semimodular and planar semimodular lattices
  6. Smaïl DJEBALI, Karima HAMMACHE: Furi-Pera fixed point theorems in Banach algebras with applications
  7. Karel HRON: Remark on properties of bases for additive logratio transformations of compositional data
  8. Lubomír KUBÁČEK: Multivariate models with constraints: confidence regions
  9. Lubomír KUBÁČEK, Eva TESAŘÍKOVÁ: Linearization regions for confidence ellipsoids
  10. Memudu Olaposi OLATINWO: A result on segmenting Jungck-Mann iterates
  11. Mathew Omonigho OMEIKE: Further results on global stability of solutions of certain third-order nonlinear differential equations
  12. Füsun ÖZEN ZENGIN, Sezgin ALTAY DEMIRBAG: On weakly and pseudo concircular symmetric structures on a Riemannian manifold


Acta Univ. Palacki. Olomuc., Fac. rer. nat., Mathematica 46 (2007)

  1. Dušan BEDNAŘÍK, Karel PASTOR: Second-order sufficient condition for ℓ-stable functions
  2. Ivan CHAJDA, Radomír HALAŠ: Varieties satisfying the triangular scheme need not be congruence distributive
  3. Ivan CHAJDA, Miroslav KOLAŘÍK: Ideals, congruences and annihilators on nearlattices
  4. Marina F. GREBENYUK, Josef MIKEŠ: Equipping distributions for linear distribution
  5. Karel HRON: Estimation of the first order parameters in the twoepoch linear model
  6. Pavla KUNDEROVÁ: Eliminating transformations for nuisance parameters in linear regression models with type I constraints
  7. M. O. OMEIKE: Ultimate boundedness results for a certain third order nonlinear matrix differential equations
  8. Irena RACHŮNKOVÁ, Jan TOMEČEK: Singular nonlinear problem for ordinary differential equation of the second order
  9. Daniel WAGNER, Stefan WOPPERER: Bol-loops of order 3 · 2ⁿ


Acta Univ. Palacki. Olomuc., Fac. rer. nat., Mathematica 45 (2006)

  1. Jan ANDRES, Alberto Maria BERSANI, Lenka RADOVÁ: Almost-periodic solutions in various metrics of higher-order differential equations with a nonlinear restoring term
  2. Andrea CAGGEGI: 2-(n², 2n, 2n-1) designs obtained from affine planes
  3. Ivan CHAJDA: Directoids with sectionally switching involutions
  4. Ivan CHAJDA, Miroslav KOLAŘÍK: A decomposition of homomorphic images of nearlattices
  5. P. V. DANCHEV: Direct decompositions and basic subgroups in commutative group rings
  6. Lucie EXNEROVÁ: Two different however equivalent methods for derivation of estimators of parameters in deformation measurements
  7. Karel HRON: Inversion of 3 × 3 partitioned matrices in investigation of the twoepoch linear model with the nuisance parameters
  8. C. O. IMORU, M. O. OLATINWO: Some stability theorems for some iteration processes
  9. Lubomír KUBÁČEK, Eva TESAŘÍKOVÁ: Variance components and nonlinearity
  10. Jan KÜHR: Dually residuated l-monoids having no non-trivial convex subalgebras
  11. Pavla KUNDEROVÁ, Jaroslav MAREK: Linear model with nuisance parameters and with constraints on useful and nuisance parameters
  12. Jan LIGĘZA: On the existence of one-signed periodic solutions of some differential equations of second order
  13. A. MAGDEN, A. A. SALIMOV: On applications of the Yano-Ako operator
  14. Grazia RAGUSO, Luigia RELLA: Density of a family of linear varietes
  15. Filip ŠVRČEK: Additive closure operators on abelian unital l-groups
  16. Pavel TUČEK, Jaroslav MAREK: Uncertainty of coordinates and looking for dispersion of GPS receiver


Acta Univ. Palacki. Olomuc., Fac. rer. nat., Mathematica 44 (2005)

  1. Raad J. AL LAMY: Metric of Special 2F-flat Riemannian Spaces
  2. Ivan CHAJDA: A Groupoid Characterization of Orthomodular Lattices
  3. Ivan CHAJDA: Sheffer Operation in Ortholattices
  4. Paolo DULIO, Virgilio PANNONE: The Converse of Kelly's Lemma and Control-classes in Graph Reconstruction
  5. Zdeněk HALAS: Continuous Dependence of Inverse Fundamental Matrices of Generalized Linear Ordinary Differential Equations on a Parameter
  6. Lubomír KUBÁČEK, Eva TESAŘÍKOVÁ: Tests in Weakly Nonlinear Regression Model
  7. Pavla KUNDEROVÁ: One Singular Multivariate Linear Model with Nuisance Parameters
  8. Jan LIGĘZA: Remarks on Existence of Positive Solutions of some Integral Equations
  9. Zeqing LIU, Ravi P. AGARWAL, Chi FENG, Shin Min KANG: Weak and Strong Convergence Theorems of Common Fixed Points for a Pair of Nonexpansive and Asymptotically Nonexpansive Mappings
  10. Luisa MALAGUTI, Valentina TADDEI: Fixed Point Analysis for Non-oscillatory Solutions of Quasi Linear Ordinary Differential Equations
  11. Svetislav M. MINČIĆ, Ljubica S. VELIMIROVIĆ: Infinitesimal Bending of a Subspace of a Space with Non-symmetric Basic Tensor
  12. Vladimír POLÁŠEK: Periodic BVP with φ-Laplacian and impulses
  13. Lukáš RACHŮNEK, Josef MIKEŠ: On Tensor Fields Semiconjugated with Torse-forming Vector Fields
  14. Cemil TUNÇ: Some Stability and Boundedness Results for the Solutions of Certain Fourth Order Differential Equations


Acta Univ. Palacki. Olomuc., Fac. rer. nat., Mathematica 43 (2004)

  1. A. U. AFUWAPE, M. O. OMEIKE: Further Ultimate Boundedness of Solutions of some System of Third Order Nonlinear Ordinary Differential Equations
  2. Vladimir BEREZOVSKY, Josef MIKEŠ: On Special Almost Geodesic Mappings of Type π1 of Spaces with Affine Connection
  3. Sergio A. CELANI: Deductive Systems of BCK-Algebras
  4. Jan DRAESSLER: Impulsive Periodic Boundary Value Problem
  5. Giovanni FALCONE, M. Alessandra VACCARO: Kronecker Modules and Reductions of a Pair of Bilinear Forms
  6. Ivan CHAJDA: Class Preserving Mappings of Equivalence Systems
  7. Ivan CHAJDA, Gerhard DORFER, Helmut LÄNGER: Local Versions of some Congruence Properties in Single Algebras
  8. Lubomír KUBÁČEK, Eva TESAŘÍKOVÁ: Estimation of Dispersion in Nonlinear Regression Models with Constraints
  9. Pavla KUNDEROVÁ: On Eliminating Transformations for Nuisance Parameters in Multivariate Linear Model
  10. Jan KÜHR: Remarks on Ideals in Lower-Bounded Dually Residuated Lattice-Ordered Monoids
  11. František MACHALA, Vladimír SLEZÁK: Join-Closed and Meet-Closed Subsets in Complete Lattices
  12. Jaroslav MAREK: Estimation in Connecting Measurements with Constraints of Type II
  13. Chrisostomos PETALAS, Theodoros VIDALIS: A Characterization of Almost Continuity and Weak Continuity
  14. Irena RACHŮNKOVÁ, Svatoslav STANĚK: Zeros of Derivatives of Solutions to Singular (p,n-p) Conjugate BVPs
  15. M. K. SEN, S. K. MAITY: Semirings Embedded in a Completely Regular Semiring
  16. M. K. SEN, S. K. MAITY: A Note on Orthodox Additive Inverse Semirings
  17. Awar Simon UKPERA: Further Results for some Third Order Differential Systems with Nonlinear Dissipation


Acta Univ. Palacki. Olomuc., Fac. rer. nat., Mathematica 42 (2003)

  1. Radim BĚLOHLÁVEK: Boolean Part of BL-algebras.
  2. Ivan CHAJDA, Josef ZEDNÍK: Distributivity and Modularity of Lattices of Quasiorders.
  3. Marek JUKL: On Hall Planar Ternary Rings with Ordered Carrier Sets.
  4. Jiří KOBZA: Quartic Smoothing Splines Generalized.
  5. Lubomír KUBÁČEK, Eva TESAŘÍKOVÁ: Confidence Regions in Nonlinear Models with Constraints.
  6. Pavla KUNDEROVÁ: Eliminating Transformations for Nuisance Parameters in Linear Model.
  7. Jaroslav MAREK: Estimation in Connecting Measurements.
  8. Pavla ŠNYRYCHOVÁ: Periodic Points for Maps in Rn.
  9. Brigitta SZILÁGYI: Projective Randers Change of *P-Finsler Spaces.
  10. Ljubica S. VELIMIROVIĆ, Svetislav M. MINČIĆ, Mića S. STANKOVIĆ: Infinitesimal Deformations and Lie Derivative of a Non-symmetric Affine Connection Space.
  11. Zbigniew WALCZAK: Approximation Properties of Certain Linear Positive Operators in Exponential Weighted Spaces.
  12. Zbigniew WALCZAK: Approximation Properties of Certain Linear Positive Operators in Exponential Weighted Spaces of Functions of Two Variables.


Acta Univ. Palacki. Olomuc., Fac. rer. nat., Mathematica 41 (2002)

  1. Mihail BANARU: On Totally Umbilical Cosymplectic Hypersurfaces of Six-dimensional Hermitian Submanifolds of Cayley Algebra.
  2. M. BENCHOHRA, S. K. NTOUYAS: Existence Results on the Semiinfinite Interval for First and Second Order Integrodifferential Equations in Banach spaces with Nonlocal Conditions.
  3. Radim BĚLOHLÁVEK: Convex Sets in Algebras.
  4. Ivan CHAJDA: A Characterization of Congruence Kernels in Pseudocomplemented Semilattices.
  5. Gábor CZÉDLI, Eszter K. HORVÁTH: Congruence Distributivity and Modularity Permit Tolerances.
  6. Gábor CZÉDLI, Eszter K. HORVÁTH: Reflexive Relations and Mal'tsev Conditions for Congruence Lattice Identities in Modular Varieties.
  7. Ondřej DOŠLÝ: Oscillatory Properties of Fourth Order Sturm-Liouville Differential Equations.
  8. Lubomír KUBÁČEK, Eva TESAŘÍKOVÁ: Weakly Nonlinear Constraints in Regression Models.
  9. Jan KÜHR: Archimedean GMV-chains.
  10. Jan LIGĘZA: On Two Points Boundary Value Problems for Ordinary Nonlinear Differential Equations of the Fourth Order in the Colombeau Algebra.
  11. Jitka MACHALOVÁ: B-spline Representation.
  12. Irena RACHŮNKOVÁ, Jan TOMEČEK: On Nonlinear Boundary Value Problem for Systems of Differential Equations with Impulses.
  13. Robert SKIBA: Topological Essentiality for Multivalued Weighted Mappings.
  14. Awar Simon UKPERA: Periodic Solutions of Certain Third Order Differential Systems with Nonlinear Dissipation.
  15. Rostislav VODÁK: Problem Ñ × v = f and Singular Integrals on Orlicz Spaces.
  16. Pavel ŽENČÁK: The Convex Interpolation of Histogram by Polynomial Splines: The Existence Theorem.


Acta Univ. Palacki. Olomuc., Fac. rer. nat., Mathematica 40 (2001)

  1. Olufemi Adeyinka ADESINA: Periodicity and Stability Results for Solutions of Some Fifth Order Non-Linear Differential Equations.
  2. Mihail BANARU: On Six-Dimensional G1-Submanifolds of Cayley Algebra.
  3. Ivan CHAJDA: A Common Generalization of Permutability and 0-permutability.
  4. Ivan CHAJDA: Varieties which are Locally Regular and Permutable at 0.
  5. Ivan CHAJDA, Helmut LÄNGER: A Simple Basis of Ideal Terms of Brouwerian Semilattices.
  6. Mircea CRÂŞMĂREANU: Trace Decomposition and Recurrency.
  7. Gábor CZÉDLI, Eszter K. HORVÁTH, Lajos KLUKOVITS: Associativity in Monoids and Categories.
  8. Ivo GAMBA: A Note on the Example of J. Andres Concerning the Application of the Nielsen Fixed-Point Theory to Differential Systems.
  9. Sylvain GRAVIER, Charles PAYAN: Tilings and Isoperimetrical Shapes I: Square Lattice.
  10. Sylvain GRAVIER: Tilings and Isoperimetrical Shapes II: Hexagonal lattice.
  11. Marina GREBENYUK: The Osculating Hyperquadrics of the Three-Component Distribution in Affine Space.
  12. Jiří KOBZA: Quartic Splines with Minimal Norms.
  13. Lubomír KUBÁČEK, Ludmila KUBÁČKOVÁ, Eva TESAŘÍKOVÁ: Exponential Regression.
  14. Pavla KUNDEROVÁ: Regular Linear Model with the Nuisance Parameters with Constraints of the Type I.
  15. František MACHALA: Special Incidence Structures of Type (p,n), Part II.
  16. Włodzimierz M. MIKULSKI: The Natural Affinors on (JrT*,a)*.
  17. Karel PASTOR, Dušan BEDNAŘÍK: On Monotone Minimal Cuscos.
  18. Jiří RACHŮNEK: Connections between Ideals of Non-Commutative Generalizations of MV-algebras and Ideals of their Underlying Lattices.
  19. Robert SKIBA: On the Lefschetz Fixed Point Theorem for Multivalued Weighted Mappings.
  20. Dana ŠALOUNOVÁ: Spectra of Weakly Associative Lattice Rings.


Acta Univ. Palacki. Olomuc., Fac. rer. nat., Mathematica 39 (2000)

  1. José ARAUJO, Guillermo KEILHAUER: Natural Tensor Fields of Type (0,2) on the Tangent and Cotangent Bundles of a Semi-Riemannian Manifold.
  2. Carlo BENASSI, Andrea GAVIOLI: Approximation from the Exterior of Carathéodory Multifunctions.
  3. Jacek DẸBECKI: The Natural Operators Transforming Affinors to Tensor Fields of Type (3,3).
  4. Jan DRAESSLER: The Nonlinear Periodic Second Order Boundary Value Problem.
  5. Marek JUKL: Galois Triangle Theory for Direct Summands of Modules.
  6. Jiří KOBZA: Optimal Quadratic Interpolatory Splines on General Knotset.
  7. Pavla KUNDEROVÁ: Linear Models with Nuisance Parameters and Deformation Measurement.
  8. Jan LIGĘZA: Two Point Boundary Value Problems for Linear Third Order Differential Equations in the Colombeau algebra.
  9. František MACHALA: Special Incidence Structures of Type (p,n).
  10. Jitka MACHALOVÁ: Chipman Pseudoinverse of Matrix, its Computation and Application in Spline Theory.
  11. Pavol MARUŠIAK, Vladimír JANÍK: Asymptotic Properties of Solutions of the Third Order Quasilinear Neutral Differential Equations.
  12. Milan POKORNÝ, Petr TROJEK: Some Notes to Certain Modification of the Oseen Problem.
  13. Jiří RACHŮNEK, Filip ŠVRČEK: MV-Algebras with Additive Closure Operators.
  14. Vladimír SLEZÁK: Span in Incidence Structures of Independent Sets Defined on Projective Space.
  15. Urszula SZTABA: Convolution Product of Periodic Distributions and the Dirichlet Problem on the Unit Disc.
  16. Lidmila VRÁNOVÁ: Irreducible Elements of Posets.
  17. Gejza WIMMER, Gabriel ALTMANN: On the Generalization of the STER Distribution Applied to Generalized Hypergeometric Parents.
  18. Viktor WITKOVSKÝ: On Seifert's ANOVA-Like Test for Variance Components.


Acta Univ. Palacki. Olomuc., Fac. rer. nat., Mathematica 38 (1999)

  1. Krisztina BALOG, Gábor CZÉDLI: Maľcev Functions on Smalgebras.
  2. M. BEKTAŞ, M. ERGÜT: Compact Space-like Submanifolds with Parallel Mean Curvature Vector of a Pseudo-Riemannian Space.
  3. Zdeněk DOSTÁL: Inexact Solution of Auxiliary Problems in Polyak Type Algorithms.
  4. Wiesław A. DUDEK: On Ideals in Hilbert Algebras.
  5. Ivan CHAJDA: Algebras Satisfying Certain Quasiorder Identities.
  6. Ivan CHAJDA: Locally Coherent Algebras.
  7. Ivan CHAJDA, Ewa GRACZYŃSKA: Algebras Presented by Normal Identities.
  8. Jiří KOBZA: Optimal Polygonal Interpolation.
  9. Lubomír KUBÁČEK, Ludmila KUBÁČKOVÁ: Linearization Regions for a Determination of a Calibration Curve.
  10. Lenka LAKOMÁ: Projections of Tensor Spaces.
  11. Jan LIGĘZA: Boundary Value Problems for Ordinary Linear Differential Equations in the Colombeau Algebra.
  12. František MACHALA: Incidence Structures of Independent Sets.
  13. František MACHALA, Vladimír SLEZÁK: Disjoint Unions of Incidence Structures and Complete Lattices.
  14. Małgorzata MIGDA, Ewa SCHMEIDEL: Some Properties of Solutions of a Class of Nonlinear Difference Equations.
  15. Bohumil ŠMARDA: Independence in l-groups.
  16. Pavel ŽENČÁK: Some Algorithm for Testing Convexity of Histogram.


Acta Univ. Palacki. Olomuc., Fac. rer. nat., Mathematica 37 (1998)

  1. Jan ANDRES, Jiří FIŠER, Libor JÜTTNER, Ivona VELECKÁ: Population Dynamics of Bithynia Tentaculata.
  2. Anna CICHOCKA: On Multiplication of Some Generalized Functions.
  3. Ivan CHAJDA, Radomír HALAŠ, Josef ZEDNÍK: Filters and Annihilators in Implication Algebras.
  4. Jiří KOBZA: Numerical Solution of Some Iterative-differential Equation.
  5. Bohumil KRAJC: A Note on Existence of Bounded Solutions of an n-th Order ODE on the Real Line.
  6. Lubomír KUBÁČEK: Corrections of Estimators in Linearized Models.
  7. Lubomír KUBÁČEK, Ludmila KUBÁČKOVÁ: Testing Statistical Hypotheses in Deformation Measurement; One Generalization of the Scheffé Theorem.
  8. Pavla KUNDEROVÁ: One Multivariate Linear Model with Nuisance Parameters.
  9. Viktor PIRČ: On the Relationship Between the Initial and the Multipoint Boundary Value Problems for n-th Order Linear Differential Equations of Neutral Type.
  10. Jiří RACHŮNEK: A Weakly Associative Generalization of the Variety of Representable Lattice Ordered Groups.
  11. Vladimír SLEZÁK: Bases in Incidence Structures Defined on Projective Spaces.
  12. Svatoslav STANĚK: Two-point Functional Boundary Value Problems Without Growth Restrictions.