You are a few clicks away from becoming one of our students of mathematics.

There are several reasons why you might want to become one.

Mathematics is the language of Nature. If you are really interested how and why the world works, you might as well start by learning math. Galileo once said: "God wrote the universe in the language of mathematics."

Computers, satellites, oilrigs, cell phones, cars, planes, drones, ultrasounds, PET, CT, magnetic resonance, ... Go down deep enough into any of these miraculous technologies and you will find mathematics. By the time you graduate, the world will be full of gadgets that you can't imagine. They will all be based on mathematics.

Mathematics is the art of precise, clear, honest and general enough thinking. This, in the end, is the path to success in any human activity. Too many non-mathematical majors soon find that the only thing they really need is logical thinking, ability to work with data and some programming skills. They should have studied mathematics. I've never heard anyone say: "I wish I didn't take so much math."

If we had more understanding of dynamical systems and fractals, we might have anticipated the 2008 financial crisis. The trillions of dollars that we used to save the banks could have been spent for something useful. Even Napoleon knew it: "The advancement and perfection of mathematics are intimately connected with the prosperity of the state."