Our partners are:

Institute of Molecular and Translational Medicine

Modern microscopes spew out gigabytes of image data which need to be automatically processed and evaluated. This requires a considerable amount of mathematical methods. We participate in the evaluation of image data and their statistical analysis. Cooperation guarantor: Tomáš Fürst

Laboratory of Growth Regulators

A large amount of image data is also produced in the research of plant growth regulators. We participate in the data image recognition evaluation of spectroscopic data and statistical analysis. Cooperation guarantor: Tomáš Fürst

University Hospital Olomouc

Modern medicine without statistics is inconceivable. Many clinics of the University Hospital literally overflow with very interesting data whose correct and thorough analysis can lead to lifesaving discoveries. We collaborate with colleagues from several clinics and institutes especially in the field of statistical data analysis. Cooperation guarantors: Tomáš Fürst, Jana Fürstová, Jana Vrbková, Eva Fišerová

Department of Automation and Control Engineering of the Tomas Bata University in Zlin

The hometown of Tomas Bata is still devoted to intensive research and optimization of leather making processes. A thorough understanding of these processes requires mathematical modeling. Cooperation guarantor: Tomáš Fürst

Institute of Hydrodynamics of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic

Porous media flow is one of the most interesting areas of mathematical modeling. Understanding this issue has far-reaching consequences in oil recovery hydrology, hydrogen fuel cell technology, and many other fields. Nevertheless, flow in porous media surprisingly poorly understood. We cooperate with colleagues from the Academy of Sciences on the development of a new class of mathematical models that would give us better understanding of this interesting problem. Cooperation guarantors: Tomáš Fürst and Rostislav Vodák

The Transport Research Centre

Cooperation guarantor: Rostislav Vodák

Institute of Physical and Applied Chemistry of the Brno University of Technology

There are many different technologies of color printing. Often it is necessary to quantify the light-stability of color printing. Together with our colleagues from Brno, we cooperate on the development of methods for the quantification of light-stability and automatic measurement. Cooperation guarantors: Tomáš Fürst

Endowment Fund for Support of Educationin the Insurance Industry

In our country, insurance industry employs more than 50,000 people. Their natural renewal requires schools to produce enough properly trained experts in the field. Endowment Fund for Support of Education in the Insurance Industry contributes to teaching insurance in schools. Cooperation guarantor: Ondřej Pavlačka