Fuzzy modelling, methods of multiple criteria decision making and evaluation

Fuzzy sets theory is a mathematical tool for modelling uncertain systems, information given by experts (e.g. linguistically), etc. Our research in this field is focused especially on the development of fuzzy methods of multiple criteria decision making and decision making under risk. Fuzzy set theory enables us to appropriately embody qualitative criteria into the models, and to express expertly given information about the importance of criteria or about probabilities of the states of the world. Newly designed methods are implemented in the FuzzME software (Fuzzy Methods of Multiple-Criteria Evaluation) which is developed by members of our team. Fuzzy model is also a basis for the Information system for the evaluation of academic staff (IS HAP) which is used by several Czech universities. We also designed a model for the evaluation of creative works of art (RUV) that serves as a support for state budget allocation among the universities.

Researchers:  Ondřej Pavlačka, Iveta Bebčáková