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P1102 Mathematics - Mathematical analysis

Field of study guarantor: prof. RNDr. dr hab. Jan Andres, DSc.

Field of study:

This study field is intended for students interested in mathematics, especially in the area of investigation of qualitative properties of solutions of differential equations, functional differential equations, differential inclusions, multivalued dynamical systems, differential equations with impulses and investigation of properties of nonlinear functionals. The study places emphasis on the development of creative abilities in mathematics.

Profile of the graduate:

During the course of study the students will acquire knowledge and skills in many disciplines of mathematics (e.g. functional analysis, convex analysis, topology, differential equations, differential inclusions) and in the area of the topic of a dissertation thesis. They will receive necessary skills to be able formulate and solve problems, to refine new scientific findings by their own. This will help them find work opportunities in basic research, at universities, at institutes of Czech Academy of Sciences, in private companies as scientific researchers or developers and on many other places where professionals with good knowledge of mathematics and with abilities of creative mathematical thinking are demanded.

Entrance exams requirements:

  • Qualifications in a mathematical or related study field (Master's degree).
  • General knowledge of basic mathematical disciplines, particularly subjects related to a chosen dissertation topic.
  • Practical command of English in the area of mathematics.

The applicant will have to pass an oral exam in subjects listed below, in the extent of the final state examination of the study field Applied Mathematics, the study program N1101-Mathematics at the Faculty of Science, Palacky University, Olomouc ( Questions will be asked with regard to applicant's interest in a broader topic of their dissertation thesis. The entrance interview will include a test of the English language.

Information about application form

Thesis topics

  1. Multivalued boundary value problems, supervisor: Prof. RNDr. dr hab. Jan Andres, CSc.
  2. Almost-periodic sequences, supervisor: Prof. RNDr. dr hab. Jan Andres, CSc.
  3. Singular differential equations on the half-line, supervisor: Doc. RNDr. Jan Tomeček, Ph.D.

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