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P1104 Applied Mathematics - Applied Mathematics

Field of study guarantor: doc. RNDr. Eva Fišerová, Ph.D.

Field of study:

This study field is intended for students interested in scientific work in applied mathematics or in research and development with high mathematical standard. The contents of doctoral study are individual and depend on the topic of a dissertation thesis. The topics of theses draw primarily on statistical modeling and statistical data analysis, fuzzy modeling, multiple-criterion evaluation, and operation research. With respect to the topic chosen, the student is led individually to study the topic more thoroughly, to elaborate independently on its theoretical aspects, and to verify the model or theoretical solution through computer implementation.

Profile of the graduate:

During the course of study the student will acquire knowledge and skills necessary for sufficient understanding of both general mathematical foundations and the chosen specialty. They will gain experience in using information technology when seeking up-to-date information and support for tackling specific problems. They will improve their communicative skills in Czech and English in international venues and increase their abilities in presenting results in publications and oral communications. They will be able to teach courses in their field. They will have opportunities to gain experience from international cooperation as well as experience in submitting and participating in grant projects. A completed study program and high-quality elaboration of a dissertation thesis will markedly improve the student's ability to creatively participate in solving problems that are mathematically close to the topic of their dissertation, but also broaden their adaptability in tackling new problems in a given area of applied mathematics. This will help them find work opportunities in research and development teams in both state institutions and private companies, and in academic settings.

Entrance exams requirements:

  • Qualifications in a mathematical or related study field (Master's degree).
  • General knowledge of basic mathematical disciplines, particularly subjects related to a chosen dissertation topic.
  • Practical command of English in the area of mathematics.

The applicant will have to pass an oral exam in subjects listed below, in the extent of the final state examination of the study field Applications of Mathematics in Economics, the study program N1103-Applied Mathematics at the Faculty of Science, Palacký University, Olomouc ( Questions will be asked with regard to applicant's interest in a broader topic of their dissertation thesis. The entrance interview will include a test of the English language.

Information about application form

Thesis topics

  1. Functional regression models, supervisor: doc. RNDr. Eva Fišerová, Ph.D.
  2. Estimates of conic sections and quadrics and their accuracy, supervisor: doc. RNDr. Eva Fišerová, Ph.D.
  3. Logratio analysis of compositional tables, supervisor: Doc. RNDr. Karel Hron, Ph.D.
  4. Fuzzy methods of multiple criteria and group decision-making, supervisor: Doc. RNDr. Jana Talašová, CSc.

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