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Graduate study (MSc) of Applied mathematics

The study program will open in 2017.

This program offers deep understanding of the principles and structure of mathematics, and of its application in science and technology. Five subject blocks are offered that cover mathematical analysis, differential equations and dynamical systems, statistics, numerical mathematics and optimization, and application of mathematics. Standard mathematical software and simple procedural programming is also included. The graduates should be capable of creative and analytic thinking and will be prepared to work on research and development tasks in technological companies, banks and insurance companies,
health-care institutions, or basic research.

We are going to teach you especially the following subjects:

Functional analysis: How to move safely and smartly in infinite dimensional spaces.

Diferential equations: A deeper view of the laws of Nature.

Numerical methods: How to make the computer solve differential equations for you.

Dynamical systems: Can a butterfly flapping its wings in Mexico affect the weather in New York?

Optimization: On the best of all worlds.

Statistical modeling: How to make friends with the Chance.

Application of mathematics: Machine learning, complex networks, image processing and much more

A detailed plan of the study can be found here or in this PDF file.

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